Oxfors camp

Oxfors cabin… one of our two four-bed cabins above the road. Oxforsen is one of Nedre Hårkan’s most well-known stretches. Here you can wade out and find fine fish just below the narrows. There are also large graylings up in the narrows, above the boathouse.

At Oxforsen you can stay in one of our two new-built cabins, Oxfors cabin and Prisgårds cabin, which is on the west side of the river. You can also choose to stay in the old Flottar cabin, from 1917 or Björk cabin, which can be seen on the picture below. Both are right next to the river.

From the cabin, you can fish for kilometres downstream, but if you still want to test interesting stretches further down you can just take the car and turn off down any of the signed sideroads down to the river. There are several wind shelters and picnic spots all the way along the stretch on both sides of the river.

Oxfors cabin’s interior
Oxfors camp with Flottar cabin and Björk cabin
Flottar cabin’s interior.
Björk cabin, for two people. Small, cosy and about 30 m from the river bank.
Oxfors cabin.
Oxfors camp from above with Flottar cabin and Björk cabin just above the middle of the picture. Oxfors cabin and Prisgårds cabin up to the right above the road. The picture was taken during low water levels in September 2002.
Oxforsen at low water about 300 m below the camp